Party like it was 2019...

Boost your virtual party and revive your social life

Ever tried to host a virtual party with more than 5 people? We fixed the problems of traditional video conference apps like Zoom and Skype.

Socialize in a web mingle

We provide the social elements of a real life party in a video conference call

High-quality videocall

We use cutting edge technology to serve the best user experience

Free and easy to use

No costs, no login, no download, just share the link and with one click you are partying!

We do not collect user data

We collect no user data and privacy is our highest priority in order to respect each individual

Stroll through the party location like in real life

Enter the party by ringing the doorbell and wait till one of the guests welcomes you in. Once in you move around the party location with an interactive map. Passing from room to room switches you from videocall to videocall. Interact with others in your room or if the call gets too crowded just go with another guest to an empty room for a more private conversation.

Get a new drink, take a toilet break, or browse through the apartment to meet, laugh and dance with the other party guests like in a real party.

Spontaneous interactions

Interact not only with the people in your room. After partying for a while you will get hungry & thirsty or need a toilet break in real life. Search for the dedicated room in your virtual party. On the way you will pass different rooms, where you will certainly meet some unexpected party guests for spontaneous interactions. 

Or maybe you just want a short break from the videocall, look for an empty room, sit back & relax and continue partying later on.

We are driven by values of respect

We thrive by providing the simplest & best experience. We do not require you to create an account or even give us your name. 

Feedback from our users:

I did not think its possible to have a virtual party with 30 people. You know, like the parties we had before covid. This app blew my mind.
Janet Peterson
I hosted a party during the beta - it was game changing!
Mitchell Brown
Sr. Software Developer
Simple & elegant. Perfect timing for a New Year's Party 2020/2021.
Lilli Jones

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