About Us

Our Story

Experiencing the new normal of social distancing during the pandemic, we as party-lovers were missing something in our lifes….

With Christmas and New Year’s parties approaching we experienced  more and more frustration among our friends as reality kicked in that this year no big celebrations will be possible. We put our heads together (virtually) to search for a possibility to host a virtual party with your guests staying at home, but at the same time being able to interact with each other in a natural way.

The team that came up with this simple and elegant solution consist of passionate and party-enthusiastic computer science guys with a hint of female social touch.

Our Vision

Host and join a thrilling virtual party

Our goal is to bring the social aspects of a real party into the virtual setting. Therefore, we combined a walk-through interactive map of the party location with the videocall function. In that way you can enjoy spontanous chit-chats with other party guest while getting a new drink in the kitchen or on the way to a toilet break.

We honestly hope that using this free party-platform brings some fun in your life and revives your social contacts!

Why we are different

Commonly used videochat tools such as Skype, Zoom or Webex are optimized for business videocalls, but do not offer the right setting for a virtual party.  Having  a large number of guests in a videocall is often chaotic especially when drinks are involved. Having party guests switching between different videochat rooms does not do the trick.

We did go in a different direction providing an interactive map to stroll through the party location with your defined real world rules for each room, mimicking the setting of a physical party.

Get in touch

We are always open-minded to any feedback or suggestions. After all everything helps to improve our user-experience and to enjoy an unforgettable virtual party together.