Legal Stuff

Partingle is a NON COMMERCIAL project and does not generate any revenue with ads, user data or any other method. We created this application because we missed the social interactions which were not replaceable by traditional conferencing apps. We do not collect or store data about our users (with the exception of necessary tokens per session, which are newly generated every time and do not give us the ability to track or identify anyone).
Since this is a free service we use a free video conference solutionĀ  in the background ( . We have no influence about any data they may or may not collect. Please visit their site for their privacy terms.

Privacy Policy

To comply with legal regulations we still have to provide a privacy policy:

Terms and conditions
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Imprint /Impressum
Kleine Offenlegungspflicht gem Ā§ 25 Abs 5 MedienG
Name: Klaus Plankensteiner
Address: Granitkofelweg 10, 9523 Landskron
Contact: [email protected]